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eShop Software

Current Version
Windows or Linux


eShop is a powerful Web Based Shopping Software tool including:

  • Full-featured, online store
  • Flexible products, categories and order management subsystems
  • Fully automatic payments subsystem
  • Fully automatic order delivery subsystem
  • Simple, easy and user-friendly management interface
  • Highly flexible report generation subsystem can be tailored to the owner's needs
  • Reliable and flexible administrative functions
  • Feedback and efficient 24/7 support systems

eShop was specifically designed to support small and medium size sellers with a reliable, web-based shopping system for all their needs.

As e-commerce has evolved, buyers and sellers have become increasingly more sophisticated, demanding more choice and the speed of making that choice when buying. Consumers want the quickest way to find what they want and buy. Sellers need an on-line solution that is fast, flexible and needs little or no attention to support it. eShop was designed from the ground up to be just that solution.

The eShop system provides full control over shopping services with minimum costs. You don't need to install any additional software to get eShop up and running. All what you need is only computer with an Internet connection - anywhere in the world.

General Features

  • Powerful online shop gives you an ability to sell products 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. With eShop installed you have everything necessary to successfully manage your online business
  • Product and order management is fast and efficient due to sophisticated database design and easy to use user interface implementation
  • The Payment subsystem is automatic and completely supports electronic payments via PayPal, 2checkout and CyberSource. IF you would like to accept other payment gateways, we guarantee that we will add any necessary payment method requested
  • eShop user interface is easy to navigate and simple, it contains tree-like structures for products and their categories management, flexible and customizable tables-per-page output, powerful search and filtering mechanisms
  • An abundant reporting subsystem generates management reports which reflect current state of the system, product quantities etc
  • Database Import functions allow for users to manage the online database by importing product lists and picture filenames
  • Administrative features provide a very high level of security, reliability and functionality of the eShop system at all times
  • 24/7 technical support of the eShop system means real help is always available if you need it. Please inquire at any time for help, feature additions or payment system additions or any other technical requests

On-line Packages:

Package Name Products Limit Time of Using Price per month
(per year)
Free Up to 5 Unlimited FREE! Get it NOW!
Basic Unlimited Unlimited $39 ( $399)
Platinum* Unlimited Unlimited $199 ($1999)

* Platinum package includes free integration with your web site and unlimited customization and support

Additional services:

  • Domain name registration/hosting
  • Site Hosting
  • Email boxes

Do you want to install eShop locally? You can do it! Send your request to sale@fossware.com and our manager will contact you with details.

More information:

eShop Screenshots are here...

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