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Windows or Linux

Itís no secret that Linux and Windows are the most commonly used operating systems for hosting. We decided not to choose between either of them, so we implemented our service on both platforms. WWW Supportís user interface, productivity, architecture, and price, for both versions are completely identical. While making your choice, you should focus only on your requirements and potential.

If you decide to subscribe to our service at your own site, it does not matter which of the two platforms is being used. Nevertheless, we have no intention to keep any secrets, so we can readily inform you that we use the Windows version with IIS at our hosting site.

The Windows version is based on MS SQL 2000 Server and Active Server Page technology:

  • Back-end - Microsoft SQL Server 2000
  • Front-end - HTML, ASP, JavaScript (Microsoft IIS 4.0 or higher)

Linux version is based on MySQL and PHP libraries:

  • Back-end - MySQL
  • Front-end - HTML, PHP, JavaScript

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