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What is WWW Support?
WWW Support is a workflow framework. It includes Bug Tracking, Project Management, Content Management, Subscription Management, and Forum support services joined in one environment and powered with an access control subsystem. For more information send a request to our customer support team.
How can WWW Support help me?
WWW Support is aimed at small and medium size companies, independent software developers, web site owners, and individuals who would like to have an internet or intranet based framework to simplify and organize software development. A WWW Support account includes bug tracking, task management, content management, customer management, customer support, and email notification subsystems. All this functionality can easily be used in your development and business processes. For more information send a request to our customer support team.
We are a software development company. How we can use WWW Support ?

WWW Support provides the following services to help organize your product development process and allow the sharing of information between team members:
   - A powerful Bug Tracking System
   - A Task Management System interconnected with Bug Tracking, and
     powered with statistic charts
   - Forums and Knowledge bases

If your company has a web-site, WWW Support can help to manage your content (news, and articles), provide an interface to collect and track customer feedback about your site and organize email notifications and subscriptions for your customers.
For more information a send request to our customer support team.

I would like to organize a customer support system for my company’s web site? How WWW Support can help me?
WWW Support will provide services for customer registration and customer rights assignment. You can then begin to manage your customer accounts, organize access to your web site resources, support newsletter subscription, and collect feedback from your customers from one or many feedback zones. Via the WWW Support interface, feedback messages can be tracked between your employees. For more information send a request to our customer support team.

Can I try your system before to buy your service?
Yes. You can create a WWW Support account for free and use it as long as you like. You can add up to 5 users to this account, and this account will have all functionality. To create account press this link, fill in the registration form and select the “FREE (Monthly subscription)” package type.
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