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WWW Support is powerful Project Management Software including

  • Bug Tracking
  • User Feedback Tracking
  • Task Manager
  • Knowledge Storage
  • Forum subsystem
  • Subscription and email distribution subsystem

WWW Support is designed to support small and middle size (from 3 to 5000 users) development groups with single and multi-project environments. It includes tools to share information and knowledge between teem members and between team members and customers

General Features

  • Powerful Bug Tracking system with email notification, flexible bug tracking rules, statistic and reports, charts
  • User Feedback Tracking system with the ability to transfer messages to the Bug Tracking system, the email notification system, and the statistic and reports system
  • Task Manager is integrated with Bug Tracking system
  • Knowledge Storage with content management functionality, email notification, web service interface support
  • Forums with the ability to share content between sites, email notification, web service interface support
  • Email notification and email distribution with custom mail template support
  • Multi-project support, user rights management

On-line Packages:

Package Name User Limit Messages Limit Size Limit Price month (year)
FREE UP to 5 10,000 100 MB FREE! Get it NOW!
SILVER Up to 10 100,000 500 MB $29 ( $299)
GOLD Up to 20 500,000 1 GB $49 ( $499)
PLATINUM Unlimited Unlimited 50GB $99 ( $999)

Additional services:

  • Domain name registration/hosting
  • Site Hosting
  • Email boxes

You want install WWW Support locally? You can do it! Send request to sale@fossware.com and our manager will contact you with details.

More information:

  • Data Sheet (PDF)
  • White Paper (PDF)
  • WWW Support Documentation(PDF, DOC, CHM)

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